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Custom Sawn Hardwood

We really do enjoy cutting custom sawn hardwood with our Hudson 30" Portable Sawmill. The fact that the lumber is for sale is secondary compared to the sheer amount of fun we have when it comes to custom sawing hardwoods. I can't tell you how fast a 10 hour day comes to an end when you really enjoy custom sawing boards, slabs, turning stock and such. We should all be so lucky!

Ugly Log on Deck at Logs to Lumber

That said, moving logs and custom sawing them is not an easy feat but don't ever be afraid to toss an ugly old log up onto that mill deck! Bandmilling is not for the faint hearted and requires some work to get the highly sought after elusive qualities of the species. The outcome depends highly on the logging tools and equipment you employ, which aid in allowing you to produce the custom sawn hardwoods and lumber you desire.

Our intentions are to bring you, the sawyer, bandmiller, logger and arborist a source that provides reviews,information, experience and sources for the tools you need from one location. The biggest problem I run into when looking for logging tools and equipment, is the all out effort required to track down the tools and make comparisons or read reviews on the logging tools I would like to purchase. I often know exactly what I want but need to search at length in order to find it, missing more time at the mill than I care to admit. We are not claiming to be a one-stop-shop but we are claiming to provide information on harder to find products of this trade. We have compiled the best choices in affordable logging equipment and harvesting tools on one web site with years of experience behind it.

Sawing Custom Sawn Hardwoods and Lumber

Custom Sawn Birseye Maple from salvaged Tree

Every bit of wood we sell has been custom sawn on the Hudson 30" Sawmill shown in the gallery and throughout. An extremely capable and effective machine which is necessary for the type of saw milling we do. We are "Urban Loggers" and as such we get many trees that have been manicured in a yard for decades, then blown down by whatever freak of nature blew through that day. Read More

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